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You've achieved at the highest level and have everything you're supposed to want. So why do you want to start screaming in your car on your way home from spin class?
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what’s the answer?

Mindset coaching is the solution for high achievers who want to finally feel calm, happy and whole

I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life over the years, and I specialize in working with Millennial and Gen Z high achievers who are used to excelling in pretty much every area of their lives. While their accomplishments are remarkable, the trade-off is often a crippling feeling of imposter syndrome, through-the-roof anxiety, and a constant fear of rejection or failure (and the corresponding hyper-vigilance that disrupts sleep, erodes relationships and triggers problematic thought patterns and behaviors).

Using cognitive behavioral coaching techniques, we work together in a hands-on mindset coaching environment to create meaningful changes that bring you more in alignment with the life you crave. No shortcuts, no BS. Just real work, backed by real science, to help you feel less stressed and anxious, more clear and purposeful, and ultimately more fulfilled in all areas of your life.


Sound familiar?

Growing up, everyone praised you for how smart, talented, athletic, and generally gifted you were (or withheld praise until you performed perfectly).

So you got straight A’s, got into a top school, landed a competitive job and rose through the ranks quickly. You get great performance reviews but you’re always thinking any moment everyone will realize you’re a fraud who has no idea what you’re doing.

Meanwhile, you long for closer relationships, a greater sense of purpose, and the satisfaction of creative expression. You have this vague unease that your life is off-track, but don’t know how to address it. Maybe there’s something you abandoned long ago because it didn’t come naturally or felt too frivolous to pursue. You’re tired of having the same fight over and over with your partner. You want to be more supportive of your friends, less annoyed by your parents. More excited about your career and less anxious about your next promotion. You just want to feel connected, motivated and purposeful like you used to.

and you're really smart

So why isn't adulting easier?

(don’t freak out, they didn’t teach us this in school)

the good news is you can create the life you want

It’s not voodoo, it’s science. Cognitive Behavioral Science.


I’m just so grateful I actually signed up that day – it seriously changed everything and I never would have expected how much this would impact every area of my life.

Liz S.

Internal Auditor, Los Angeles

but does mindset coaching actually work?

So glad you asked. Here are some facts for your beautiful brain to digest, from a 2021 analysis of client results


Reported decreased stress levels after just one session of mindset coaching


Reported decreased anxiety and increased well-being after an average of 5 mindset coaching sessions


Reported mindset coaching helped them see how to make meaningful, lasting changes

here’s what to expect

When Working Together

Apply for Coaching

Apply for mindset coaching via the link below, and I’ll reach out to confirm once I’ve reviewed to make sure coaching is a good fit

Select and Schedule

Plans start at $80 per 45-minute mindset coaching session with the option to commit to 1, 5 or 10 sessions per booking.

Engage and Transform

We’ll cover a lot of tools and strategies for you to employ in the real world, and you get out what you put in

This was so much more helpful than I even realized it would be. I feel like I can do anything now and I know I’m going to be okay no matter what because I’m in control of my mind.

Sarah C.

Strategy Consultant, Chicago

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Meet your mindset coach


Hi, I’m Emily! And I’m glad you’re here.

I fully believe that everything you need is already within you, and all we need to do is find it. In my mindset coaching practice, my job is to listen closely to your values, dreams and struggles, and help you remember who you are and what you’re capable of. With a blend of powerful questioning, attentive listening, mindfulness practices and a bit of intuition, we’ll get to the “thing beneath the thing” that’s really been holding you back. Once that’s unlocked, we can chart a meaningful action plan (with science-backed tools and strategies) to help you move towards your goals in a sustainable way. My greatest joy and honor as a mindset coach is to watch clients take off and really create a balanced, authentic life they didn’t even realize was possible.

I hold the PCC designation with the International Coach Federation, and in my mindset coaching practice I work with high-performing Millennial and Gen Z clients in the areas of relationships, effective communication, money, stress and anxiety management, perfectionism, life purpose and life transition, including grief and loss.

In addition to mindset coaching, I’m a Reiki Master, past-life regression facilitator and spiritual development leader. Often my work involves bridging the gap between practical and spiritual issues and strategies for resolving them, to help clients live authentically and purposefully.


You’ve made such a big impact on my life…thank you for challenging me to appreciate myself. I am more forgiving of myself and I couldn’t say that before meeting you. That’s a skill that will always stay with me…there are so many realizations I could list because of the coaching I got to do with you, and I’m so grateful for all of them. Thank you so much.

Jessica V.

Sales Account Manager, NYC

as a recovering perfectionist

I know it's frustrating when things don't make sense, and that's why I'm here to help
it looks easy now

But it wasn’t always that way…

I remember the day my fiancé (now my husband!) and I were sitting in the therapist’s office where I was ranting about how Alex hadn’t washed the dishes in the sink before I got home from my client site. Again. I traveled all week in my consulting role, often internationally, and I just wanted our beautiful high-rise apartment to be clean when I walked in the door. I was shaking with anger.

When I paused to take a breath, just like in the movies, the therapist calmly said and how does that make you feel?

“Um, I feel that he should do the fucking dishes.”

Needless to say, we had a long way to go, but we got there. 


I wanted a good life, a great relationship, a fulfilling career, a sense of purpose and belonging. I wanted to achieve all of my dreams but also be really chill and fun to be around. Basically all of the things. What started as a financial coaching trajectory became so much more than that – money is a proxy for power, control, respect and trust, especially in relationships. And so it goes in all areas of our life – the fight is never about what it’s about, you know? As time went on, my mindset coaching practice organically grew to encompass these intersecting areas. So whether you’re fighting with your partner or fighting with yourself – there is a way to untangle what’s going on in your brain, address it, and unleash your full, powerful self in creating the life you long for.

you’ve got questions?

I’ve got answers

Why do I have to apply? I just want to sign up for coaching right now.

LOVE the enthusiasm, yay! Honestly though, not everyone is automatically a good fit for coaching at every point in their life, and that’s okay! I’ve been doing this for a long time, and the application process helps us both to understand what you’re looking for from coaching and whether I’m the right person to support you. Ultimately this saves you money and frustration if it’s not the right fit, and I will do my best to refer you in the right direction if that’s the case! It’s all in the interest of making sure you’re getting the right kind of support, and NOT something to take personally 🙂

How often can we meet for sessions?

Most clients will choose to meet weekly or bi-weekly; it’s up to you and what works with your needs and your schedule. Occasionally a client will want to meet twice in one week, if we uncover something time-sensitive that needs to be handled (e.g., you’re visiting your in-laws and know That Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding is about to go down, and you need help prepping). Other than that, I just ask that plans are used fully within one year of enrollment.

Do we meet in-person or online?

All of our coaching sessions are conducted virtually on Zoom. I know, I know, another Zoom call! But hopefully more refreshing than the endless team-building “virtual happy hours” your boss keeps pushing for.

Do you have any in-person events?

I have in the past and can’t wait to get back to it! Since the environment is ever-changing with Covid-19, the best way to stay informed of future in-person events is to sign up for emails in the form at the bottom of this page (it says “Follow Along”). Also, if you’re a coaching client, you’ll automatically be kept in the loop! 🙂

What is the International Coach Federation and why should I care?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the foremost global governing body overseeing the coaching profession. Coaching is not regulated the way that other industries like finance, medicine and law are. And not to spill the tea too quickly here, but there are a lot of random people on the internet who call themselves “life coaches” after taking an “online certification course” over a long weekend. It’s not illegal, but proceed with caution. If it’s not ICF-accredited, you’re probably investing in an overpriced cheerleader at the end of the day. Ask questions, look for real experience and results (ICF credentialing often takes years, so that’s a good place to start!), and trust your gut.

I have more questions. Help!

I got you. Email coaching@umoyainstitute.org with your questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! 🙂

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