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Sound familiar?

You’ve experienced the devastating loss of a loved one. Frantic, and in the throes of grief, you dive headfirst into the books, the support groups, maybe you even booked a session with a medium, because your neighbor’s cousin’s friend swears she’s legit. Maybe the medium was way off, the books didn’t land, and the people in the group didn’t “get” you, and you feel worse than you thought possible. You’re afraid they’re really gone, forever. All you want is to hear from them, to know they’re okay, to know that they still love you and are with you. You keep hearing stories of incredible dreams and signs from the other side, that “other people” seem to get, but not you. People in your own family or inner circle might be having these experiences, so why aren’t you? Is something wrong with you? Did your loved one not actually love you? Are you not worth sending signs to? Are you not good enough, not spiritual enough, not “woo” enough?

good news

They're always reaching out, and you just need to learn how to listen

(don’t beat yourself up, they didn’t teach this in school)

after my brother passed away

I saw my family and friends missing signs that were right in front of them. Too blinded by sorrow and grief to tune in. That’s why I shifted my successful coaching practice to focus on spiritual connection after loss, through Intuitive Life Coaching.


what’s intuitive life coaching?

The solution for grieving spiritual seekers who still need to show up in the real world

In each session, we identify pain points in life after loss, relationships, work, boundaries, communication, finances, and life choices, and figure out what’s blocking your connection to your loved ones on the other side. Sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes and ears to help you figure out what’s tripping you up. Grounded and practical. What about the cool spiritual stuff?

Excellent question. While the grief work sets the stage for a strong spiritual connection, it’s not a silver bullet. The intuitive part of Intuitive Life Coaching is my specialized focus not only on the practical day-to-day challenges of living with loss, but also the energetic bond you share with your loved one, and how to strengthen that connection. I’ll help you learn to tune in more precisely, and will also share intuitive hits and guided messages throughout a session as I receive them.

You’ll breathe easier, have the energy to move forward in your life, engage with the world around you and with other people. You’ll be able to access the other side without going through a medium, and you’ll feel that connection to your deceased loved one every day.

Intuitive life coaching

How It Works

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Virtual Coaching + Insights

We meet virtually on Zoom (you can record it if you’d like!) and you leave your session with clear insights you can take action on right away

Spiritual Upleveling

As you take action on what’s uncovered in coaching, you’ll be amazed at the signs and messages coming in from your loved ones on the other side, every single day

you probably never

planned to need a life coach after loss
I also never planned to be one

In 2017 I woke up on a beautiful Spring day that would soon become the worst day of my life.

It wasn’t just any day – it was my wedding anniversary. Everything was normal until lunchtime when I felt a sudden urge to check my phone. I came in to dozens of missed calls. Something had happened to my brother – his roommate didn’t know what – the police were there – could I speak to them? Could I meet them at the hospital?

As I frantically drove, I tried to calm myself down and pray, “God, please take care of Thomas and –“

I am, and he’s with me, replied the quiet, somber voice. 

I began to scream.

By the time I made it to the hospital, my brother was gone. Taken at 25 years old from an unexplained sudden cardiac arrhythmia. Sometimes these things just happen to young people, they said. 

It was like a bomb went off in the middle of my life – I couldn’t hear, speak, think. Each breath felt like it was going to be my last one – the effort of inhaling seemed like more effort than it was worth. 

When my brother started visiting in dreams in the days following his death, I initially brushed it off as a grief thing. But he kept coming back in the weeks and months that followed, and more signs and messages came through while I was awake. I knew something powerful was happening. No one else was having these experiences…but why? I’m not particularly special, and my whole family is very close. Why was it easier for me to pick up on these things?  

Determined to help my family and friends open up to their own experiences, I started to document everything so that I could figure out what worked and what didn’t when it came to sending and receiving messages from the other side. When I was able to lead my first client through this process enabling her to have her first-ever dream visit from her deceased child, I knew I had unlocked something significant. Being able to touch a deceased loved one’s face, hear their laugh, and hug them again changes everything about how we show up in the world. That’s why I founded Umoya Institute, and now I help people tap into their own spiritual capabilities to clearly connect with their loved ones on the other side, and live a full life while they’re here.

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